A Step by Step Guide on How to Host and Deploy an ASP NET Core app with SSL using Let's Encrypt, Traefik and Docker - Take 2

In this post I describe how to deploy an ASP.NET Core app that has been dockerized and host it on a Linux machine with SSL enabled for free. This is all possible using Traefik, a reverse proxy and load balancer and its integration with Let's Encrypt. On Reflection In…»

How to add Sign in with Google, GitHub, Slack and more with ASP.NET Core

I'm sure you have come across web and mobile applications where they offer social logins such as Google, Facebook, Twitter and many more. This is great, as its one less sign up and login you have to remember. It also reduces the friction of signing up. It's especially great if…»

How to add SSL for free to an ASP.NET Core app using Let's Encrypt and Nginx

In this post, I will talk through how to install Nginx as a reverse proxy and configure SSL for free with the help of Let's Encrypt and Docker. I will be using DigitalOcean, but any Linux machine with Docker installed will also work. So, What is Nginx reverse proxy? If…»

Getting started with Docker for C# developers

Docker has come a long way since I first came across it in 2015, and now that Microsoft have lot's of support and with the addition of in-built docker tools in Visual Studio, I thought it was time for me to pick up it up. What is Docker in simple…»