How to save time writing unit and integration tests with AutoFixture

Writing Unit and integration tests are generally composed of setting up relevant test data, carrying the actual execution of the test, and finally making assertions. All this can be summarised as the AAA syntax. That is, Arrange, Act, and Assert. With AutoFixture, it can significantly save you time by taking…»

How to deploy and host an ASP.NET Core app on Linux for $5 a month on DigitalOcean

I originally wrote this as a single post to document how I deployed an ASP.NET Core application on DigitalOcean. I also setup a web server using Nginx and setup SSL for free using Lets Encrypt and finally added some basic security with Fail2ban. I soon realised, it became rather…»

Getting started with Docker for C# developers

Docker has come a long way since I first came across it in 2015, and now that Microsoft have lot's of support and with the addition of in-built docker tools in Visual Studio, I thought it was time for me to pick up it up. What is Docker in simple…»